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Debate American Foreign Policy

On Thursday February 18, the Netherlands Atlantic Association organized a debate on American Foreign Policy, themed:

Biden’s new transatlantic agenda and Europe’s soul searching process

With the new engagement from the White House towards Europe, hopes run high that transatlantic relations under President Biden will quickly return to a state of pre-Trump ‘normalcy’. But how realistic is this assumption? The Biden administration will be forced to focus on its own domestic agenda (‘healing the nation’). Besides, Europe has developed a different political mindset in response to four years of uncertainty created by Donald Trump (and Brexit). Meanwhile, the Atlantic alliance is still the cornerstone of European security, but its importance is no longer self-evident. ‘Strategic autonomy’ is the talk of the town in many European capitals. Europe must ‘take its destiny into its own hands’, according to Angela Merkel’s famous words. How and when, remain yet to be seen.

In this context, what realistic agenda should be developed? Should Washington and Brussels focus on pressing geopolitical issues (China, Russia, Iran) or should attention first go out to multilateral issues such as climate change and international trade?

Three experts, one from NL Han ten Broeke (HCSS),  Roberta Haar (Maastricht University) and from the US, Stan Sloan (Atlantic Council) discussed the issues mentioned above. The discussion was moderated by Paul Brill, journalist and foreign policy expert.

This program was streamed live on the social media channels of the Netherlands Atlantic Association. The meeting started at 16.30 hrs. (Central European Time). Click here to watch the livestream again on the Youtube channel of the Netherlands Atlantic Association.

This program will also be recorded. The recording will be shared on their website and on their social media outlets.


donderdag 18 februari 2021


16:30 - 17:30


Lange Poten 10, Den Haag
Soort evenement
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