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Watch the debate on Journalism in Exile

On October 5, 2022 at Nieuwspoort journalists in exile discussed the war, violence and intimidation elsewhere having a huge impact on their work worldwide.

Having fled their homeland, the journalists in exile talked about how do they continue their work? How do they still gather information and keep in contact with their sources. And how welcoming is the Netherlands and will they go back home again.

Watch the conversation these journalists had about it,  led by Lauren Comiteau (American correspondent in Amsterdam of CBS en Time),through this link.

Halima Salat Barre (refugee from Kenya, now working at  Lighthouse Reports)
Alexander Gubsky (publisher The Moscow Times)
Mais Katt (investigative journalist focused on The Middle East, has covered the Syrian war for 10 years)
Alexandra Mitina (Ukrainian journalist for 1+1 Channel)
Olivier Nyirubugara (refugee from Rwanda, now lector Erasmus Universiteit)

Foto’s: Paul Teixeira