Towards a European Army?

2 juli 2019 19:00 — 22:00
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Datum: 2 juli 2019 19:00 — 22:00 Debat

Europe finds itself in a world of geopolitical upheaval. With the surge of authoritarianism around the globe, the steady rise of China and a swiftly changing transatlantic relationship, difficult choices are ahead for leaders of the EU.

Now that ´the West´ is becoming an ever more fractured concept, the question of European security rises as one of the most prominent issues. Should the NATO-dependency continue? Is there more space for bilateral or multilateral military cooperation between European countries? Or should – as is the title of this event – there be a clear push ‘Towards a European Army’?

On the 2nd of July European Liberal Forum and D66 Internationaal will organize a roundtable discussion about the future of European military cooperation. Our experts from across Europe will offer their views.

A discussion with:

  • Salima Belhaj | Member of Parliament, D66, The Netherlands
  • Bartlomjei Nowak | Foreign Affairs Secretary, Nowoczesna Party, Poland
  • Ben Jones | Teaching Fellow, King´s College London, UK

Moderated by:

  • Sebastian Vagt | European Affairs Manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation

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